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2018 Exhibitors & Vendors

Joey Webb has two collections of short horror/science fiction stories entitled “PLEASANT” SCREAMS” and “GORY STORIES” respectively. His story “NIGHT OWL” also appears in the highway themed horror anthology “DEADHEAD MILES.” Joey is also an actor appearing in indie films such as “SANTA CLAUS VERSUS THE ZOMBIES,” “BUNKER OF BLOOD” and “ASTRO SPACE HERO.” Also look for him as “Moonshine the Clown” in the series he is producing for INC HORROR on ROKU TV called “THE CLOWN ALLEY HORROR REVUE.”

Steven Paul Watson is many things: a writer, artist, amateur photographer, and avid outdoorsman as well as an all-around geek. His love of writing includes soul-chilling science fiction, fantasy, and all things supernatural/horror. But his true passion is steampunk/alternate reality. Attending more than a handful of conventions a year, he stays close to his geeky roots. When out in nature, Steven enjoys running multiple 5ks a year and hiking the hills near his home. There is no better way stroke one’s imagination than being outdoors in the wilderness having real adventures that feed the ones he puts on page. Steven also crafts superhero chairs and will have some at Harlan Haunt Fest.

Austin Rutherford was born and raised in Harlan County, Kentucky, and is a community theater director turned actor/production assistant who began his work as a filmmaker in the Summer of 2013, and has went on to aid in the production of several film & television projects. He is known for his work on 'After Coal: Welsh and Appalachian Mining Communities' (2016), the hit thriller with Jessica Biel, 'The Sinner' (2017), and the Phillip Noyce film with Emilia Clarke, Jack Huston and Johnny Knoxville, 'Above Suspicion'. He also worked on the Christopher Maggard film, 'Manzo Shepherd's Story'.

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