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Mortal Kombat 11 Tournament Rules


Entrants will be drawn against one another, in pairs, at random by the Promoter and in the Promoter’s sole discretion.
Each pair of Entrants will participate in single-bracket ‘knockout’ elimination rounds playing ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ in ‘Tournament’ mode, using the Playstation 4 machine provided at Harlan Haunt Fest.

1. Disqualification
•Insults during a match or at any stage in the Tournament may lead to disqualification

•The following severe incidents may also lead to disqualification:
extremist statements, threats of violence, sexual harassment, etc.  

•Excessive annoying or offensive contributions within the Tournament is considered as spamming.
 *Spamming can lead to your disqualification

•All forms of cheating in the Tournament are forbidden and may lead to disqualification.
 *For the avoidance of doubt, the use and/or exploitation of ‘glitches’ or in-game errors shall be  regarded as cheating.

2. Game
•Each game consists of best of 3 in-game rounds in ‘versus’ mode. On average a game will last for 3 minutes.

3. Picks
•Each match will begin by one player picking a character and a character variation
•The first player to pick will be decided randomly and in the sole discretion of the Promoter
•Once the player chooses their character/variation, they must stick with that character/variation throughout the tournament.
•Any map may be selected by each player. If each player picks a different map, a map will be chosen at random instead.
•After each game,the players must return to character select.

4. Match System
•Players will be seeded at random to play against each other in ‘versus’ mode matches
•The matches will consist of 3 in-game rounds and the winner will be determined by the ‘best two out of three’ games
•The winner of each match will progress to the next match, and the loser will be knocked out of the Tournament

5. Pausing
•Each player has the ability to pause the game to check control move commands.
•This is allowed, subject to the discretion of the Promoter. 
•Excessive pausing may lead to loss of the game or be regarded as cheating.


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