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Harlan Haunt Fest 2019 Guests

Emma Bellomy
Dollface featured in The Strangers: Prey at Night!
Emma Bellomy

Actress Emma Bellomy will join us at the Harlan Center in Harlan, Kentucky on October 5th!

She played Dollface in the spectacular slasher film from 2018, The Strangers: Prey At Night also starring Christina Hendricks.

Bloody Disgusting gave the film praise, saying, "The Strangers: Prey At Night really takes The Strangers to the next level...The central killers are plenty scary, and some of the images on display would make John Carpenter proud."

Emma has also appeared on the TBN original series, Smoketown.

You can watch The Strangers: Prey at Night, which is available on Amazon Prime, and come out and meet Emma Bellomy (Dollface) in person on October 5th at Harlan Haunt Fest!

Santiago Cirilo
"Julio" from AMC's The Walking Dead

Santiago Cirilo will join us for all the fun on October 5th at the Harlan Center in Harlan, Kentucky!

Among his career in film and TV, Santiago is well known for playing "Julio" on season 4 of The Walking Dead.

Santiago Cirilo is also known as a "spiritual magnet" and does Paranormal Investigations for the ID Channel. He has a hit paranormal-horror film on Amazon Prime called Rosa Leigh that's based on true events. He has a horror-Sci-Fi film on Hulu called Beast of the Water.

Santiago also has a hit horror book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble called Zombified-The Head Hunter.

Santiago Cirilo has also done many films and TV shows on TNT-Life Time-USA Network-Fox-Hallmark -TvOne-Netflix and he has an anti bullying movement called the HIYAH Nation.

Mike Mundy

Featured Walker in AMC's The Walking Dead

Mike Mundy joins the festivities on October 5th at The Harlan Center for Harlan Haunt Fest.

Mike has been an Actor, with Special FX Make-up Roles since 2011, known for The Walking Dead,

fans saw Mike as a walker in "The Walking Dead" season 3 premiere where his eyeball was showcased in the opening shot which then pulled out to reveal "Grandpa Walker," who was dispatched by a fire poker in the head by T-Dog.

He has also appeared in movies such as "Flight" with Denzel Washington, "42' The Jackie Robinson Story, "with Jewel in "Ring Of Fire - The June Carter Cash Story" and with Kate Hudson in "The Reluctant Fundamentalist"

Amber Dawn Fox

Amber Dawn Fox will be joining the fun on October 5th at the Harlan Center in Harlan, Kentucky!

She is a hard working actress that has made a name for herself in the Indie film world and she gained a fan following after her featured appearance as Officer Bello in season 5 of The Walking Dead!

Recently, she can be found in "The Haunting of Four Points" (available on Amazon Prime), as the lead character named Evie. She also portrayed the supporting role of Brenda in "Tarnished Notes" (based on a true story and available now on iTunes and Google Play), among many others.

She can be seen as the lead character, Clarissa, in the upcoming film "Beasts of the Field" and is set to film several more projects that are in the works..

She enjoys meeting fans and promoting her past and upcoming projects so be sure to come out and visit her at Harlan Haunt Fest.

J. Patrick Miller

J Patrick Miller will be joining us at the Harlan Center in Harlan, KY on October 5th!

He is known for his work on the cult-classic Stephen King film, Maximum Overdrive (1986) as Joe.

He was also in Raw Deal (1986) with Arnold Schwarzenegger among others.

J Patrick Miller is also known for his voice work in video games such as Left 4 Dead 2, Mafia 3, and Resident Evil 3

Don't miss meeting J Patrick Miller at Haunt Fest this October 5th!

Best-selling author, journalist, and former filmmaker, Stephen J. Semones will be joining us at the Harlan Center in Harlan, Kentucky on October 5th!

His works include the popular "Gloom" series. Horror and Science Fiction titles "The Sacrifice of Candace Blake", "Unhinged", and "Timeless Requiem", As well as the comic series "The Wraith".

Along with his many books and DVDs he has available to sign for fans, he will be treating us with an entertaining panel discussion on horror movies and especially the cult-classic film, that was written and directed by Stephen King, MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE, along with J Patrick Miller who played Joe in the movie!

You don't want to miss this one, horror fans!

                   Nic Brown
              Presenting Wendigos: Fact & Legend

Nic Brown is an author, filmmaker, and co-host of the B-Movie Cast.

Nic's works inlclude "The Werewolf For Hire" novel, and the film "Wretch" which is available for streaming on Amazon. 

Nic will be presenting a panel "Wendigos: Fact & Legend" at this years Harlan Haunt Fest on Oct 5th!

Wildefell Wolves 

Come out on October 5th to the Harlan Center in Harlan, Kentucky and see the wolves of Wildefell! Stark, Spock and Octavia joins us at Harlan Haunt Fest!

Stark portrayed Ralph, the wolf from Rampage the Movie with The Rock!

Wildefell Wolves is a team that has years of experience with domesticated, wild and exotic animals. They do meet and greets and photoshoots for a small fee with their educational program.

Come out and howl with us!

Panda Dragon Cosplay

Panda Dragon Cosplay consists of two friends who are serious hobbyist cosplayers and proud members of ORCs (Ohio River Valley Cosplayers and Prop Builders). Loren has been a cosplayer since 2012 and Danielle since 2014. They do everything from closet cosplay, thrifting and making cosplay from the ground up. And they will be adding their expertise to our show as they educate and promote positivity in the cosplay community.

Panda Dragon Cosplay will be joining us as judges in our Cosplay Contest! 

For more details on our Cosplay Contest, click here!

Joey Webb

Join us along with author, Joey Webb, at the Harlan Center in Harlan, KY, on October the 5th!

Joey has penned two horror/science fiction anthologies entitled GORY STORIES and PLEASANT SCREAMS. The first two books of his BLOOD BROTHERS SAGA about two feuding brothers, (a vampire and a werewolf) battling and occasionally teaming with each other, are available, with the third to come soon. His story NIGHT OWL was published in the anthology DEADHEAD MILES.

Joey is also a writer, director, producer and actor in films. He plays the character MOONSHINE THE CLOWN in the show THE CLOWN ALLEY HORROR REVUE in which he reviews indie movies, books and performs skits with his partner SUNSHINE THE CLOWN. The show is available on the free Roku channel the INC HORROR CHANNEL. Joey has also had small roles in independent films like SANTA CLAUS VS. THE ZOMBIES, and BUNKER OF BLOOD.

Sunshine the Clown

There is a world of things you might find at the Harlan Center on October 5th...even a little sunshine. Or Sunshine the Clown!

Shauna Tackett AKA Ann Arkist and Sunshine the Clown, is an actress, filmmaker, writer, electronic musician, and artist from southeast Kentucky.

She's been in numerous independent films made in the Kentucky area and is working on her own horror film as well as a YouTube show for her popular clown character...and on October 5th, you might spot her along side her pal, Moonshine the Clown!

Matthew Atchley

Matthew Atchley joins us on October 5th, 2019 at the Harlan Center, in Harlan, KY!

Matthew is an actor and artist whose artistic subjects include a wide variety of popular TV, film, and comics characters. His projects have included co-creating a short political cartoon series with Actor Sean Astin, book cover art, company logos, and more.

Matthew’s ever growing acting credits include episodes of “The Gifted”, The Originals”, “The Resident”, “Nashville”, Ozark”, “MacGyver”, “A Sister’s Secret“, “Snapped”, “Murder Calls”, “What Men Want”, “Homicide Hunter”, and the award nominated short film “Special Election”, to name a few.

His entire artwork portfolio, acting credits and all social media links can be found at

Dennis Warren

Get ready for the Fun of The Flippy Family when they join us at the Harlan Center in Harlan, KY on October the 5th!

Come say Hi, to Dennis Warren "The Stache", Miss Stache, Flip & Zom and see their wide variety of the Real Life Wonder Wiener wares including buttons, posters, autographed prints plus the first 2 issues of THE WORLD'S GREATEST WEINER DOG COMIC BOOKS, Metalcult Comix, handcrafted leather bags, artwork and all the vintage collectibles, toys, comics, magazines and more!

Terence Muncy

Artist and Filmmaker, and native of Harlan County, Terence Muncy, returns home and will join us for all the fun on October 5th at the Harlan Center in Harlan, KY!

Terence is the artist for horror icon, Sammy Terry, T-Shirt artist for the band, Twiztid, and package artist for Creatureplica, and he'll be bringing lots of cool stuff our way for all you good gouls and boys!

So be sure to come out and say, hello!

Eric Puckett

Eric Puckett joins us on October 5th at the Harlan Center in Harlan, KY to bring his outstanding horror art to LIFE...right before your eyes!
Come out to join all the fun too!

Eric Puckett has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design from Morehead State University.

Eric is a 2013 & 2018 Winner of the Rondo Hatton Award Linda Miller Fan Artist of the Year. Presented by the Classic Horror Film Board.

His work has been featured in Magazines, galleries, restaurants, offices, private collections and in celebrity homes all over the world.

Come out and see him at Harlan Haunt Fest!

P.B. Owl

Kicking off the Halloween season this year, P.B. Owl will join us again at the Harlan Center in Harlan, KY on October 5th!

P. B. Owl is an Author, and Lecturer who has been writing and Lecturing on various spiritual topics for more than 20 years.

Come out and see him and pick up some of his books or take part in divination readings with Runes, Tarot, and the Pendulum.

Share in his wisdom and good spirits at Harlan Haunt Fest!

The Crypto Crew

The Crypto Crew joins us on October 5th at the Harlan Center to explore the mysteries that are prevalent in the hills of Eastern, Kentucky and beyond!

Thomas Marcum, founder of the Crypto Crew is a noted Bigfoot researcher, author and filmmaker.

Tony Felosi has long been a researcher of paranormal experiences, history, folklore, mythology and cryptozoology.

Together they film and star in the Docu -Series – The Crypto Files- that is available on Amazon Prime and other streaming services.

To date the Crypto Files Series has been watched tens of thousands of hours around the world.

They have many films and books available.

Come let them share the mysteries with you on October 5th at Harlan Haunt Fest!

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