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Haunt Fest Escape Room

Ghostbusting paranormal investigators in Harlan County have developed some new para-technology that could open up a portal that will unleash dangerous forces that has to be stopped...before time runs out!

The concept of an Escape Room is players are trapped in a room and face a challenge to find the solution to a mystery and find a way out! You will work as a team to search for clues, solve puzzles, find keys that unlock other clues which helps to discover the way out before the time is up. Search the room from top to bottom to find the clues to solve the mystery and escape and save Harlan from paranormal infestation!

Each session may take up to an hour to play. Since there will be a limited number of slots available, you will need to register early to insure a chance to play on October 7th at this year's Haunt Fest! (You will need a Haunt Fest ticket to play. You can buy now or at the door)

Register with the form below. We will message you back to confirm if you've made the list.

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