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Harlan Haunt Fest Cosplay Challenge
What's a party without some dressing up?

Get rewarded for what you love to do!

​1st place: $100, 2nd place: $50, 3rd place: $25

And other cool stuff! Wouldn't that be super?

To WIN cash and prizes, these are the rules:


Each category will be evaluated on 5 criteria on a scale of 1 -10 by at least 3 judges.

1. Originality/Creativity

(How original and creative is the costume?)


2. Likeness

(How close does the costume resemble its intended character?)


3. Detail

(How good is the detail and workmanship of the costume?)


4. Presentation

(How well is the costume or character presented on stage?)


5. Impact

(In total, how big is the impact or wow-factor of the costume?)


Total highest scores win.



Contestants must register the day of the event at least 1 hour before state time and be prepared to take the stage at (usually 3:00 PM)

One registration allowed per ticket.

Duos or groups may enter together but each must have ticket and share the one prize.

Costume must be of a reasonable size and should not extend more than a 4’ radius.

All weapons must be replicas or approved before entrance.

Harlan Haunt Fest reserves the right to reject costumes that are deemed unsafe or inappropriate for a general admissions audience.

Cosplay your favorite character - Horror, Fantasy, Super-hero...etc.


Be creative!


And have fun!

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