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LIVE SKYPE Q&A with Graham Yost

Graham Yost began writing for television in 1989 on the Nickelodeon series Hey Dude. Next, he joined the writing staff of Full House (where he only lasted nine-and-a-half weeks); the day after he quit, he learned that his script for Speed had been sold to Paramount (it was later produced by 20th Century Fox). His feature credits include Broken Arrow, Hard Rain, Mission to Mars, and The Last Castle. As a producer, Yost won Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon. He wrote/co-wrote two installments of the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning HBO WWII miniseries Band of Brothers, and won an Emmy Award for HBO’s The Pacific. In 2002, Yost created the TV series Boomtown for NBC, and in 2006, he created Raines for NBC. Yost was the showrunner on Justified, the Emmy winning FX series starring Timothy Olyphant, based on a character created by crime novelist Elmore Leonard. He recently served as an Executive Producer on the Emmy-winning FX series The Americans, and was the showrunner and executive producer on seasons one and two of Amazon’s Sneaky Pete. Since 2019, Yost has been with AppleTV+. Along with Slow Horses, Yost is Executive Producing Wool, based on Hugh Howey’s Silo series of novels.

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