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What is our fearsome festival all about?

From Coast to Coast AM, Ian Punnett, the nationally renowned radio personality and author, will share a true-crime story of a Kentucky murder case that's “as dark and twisty as an old Kentucky back road at midnight”, from his new book, A Dark Night for the Bluegrass Belle...and personally sign your very own copy!

From the TV series, The Walking Dead, Jeremy Ambler will tell you about that highway horde of walkers and his experience wearing the make-up…and then he’ll get into the zombie make-up once more for a special Walker photo-op just for you!

Film and TV actor, Russ McCubbin will share his experience with Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter and tell you about that time he stole the General Lee from the Duke boys on The Dukes of Hazzard and events from a dozen other all-time classic TV shows like Gunsomke, The A-Team, Knight Rider and more


Step into the unknown and wander the haunted streets of Harlan with paranormal researcher, Tony Felosi, as he guides you on an historic Ghost Walk tour, searching out the actual sites of urban legends and shadowy scenes in “Bloody Harlan.”

Go beyond the hidden back roads with one of the world’s top paranormal investigators, Joe Clark, as he brings tales of the many well-known cases of hauntings he’s been involved in along with his consulting for the A&E network and the SyFy channel.  And learn what Ron and Lori Coffey, from Para-X Radio, who have also worked with A&E and SyFy, have to tell you about animal ghosts in European graveyards and the mysterious cryptids in America like the elusive Kentucky Dogman.

There will be food vendors like Sports Café and Harlan County Coal Burners BBQ…and you can enter your very own recipe in our Haunted Chili Cook Off with celebrity judge, Chef Joe Arvin from season 14 of Big Brother. Take home the ribbon, some cool prizes and win a spot on FoodTruckers TV!

Test your knowledge in our Horror Trivia Game or enter the spectacular Cosplay Contest, the Fantasy & Horror Art Contest, or the Mortal Kombat X Tournament…and if you’re really adventurous, take the infamous Fear Challenge, which this year won’t be what you expect!

You can wander completely into another world when you explore our state-of-the-art Virtual Reality experience!  It’s so real you won’t know reality from dream…will you find your way back out?

Behold an amazing assembly of professional artists like Bob Hepner, Matthew Atchley, Kevin Hawkins, Terence Muncy, Chelsea Lowe and Chuck Mullins!  Meet authors, Stephen J. Semones, Nic Brown and P.B. Owl, and comics creations by Glen Paul Richardson–Sgt. Sasquatch, Metalcult Comics and Headshrinkers Press.

Search for bargains among all the wares and crafts displayed in our bazaar, as you never know what unusual and unique items you might find.

Be sure to watch out for all those little ghouls and goblins from the Rosspoint Elementary LiL Dancers as they encounter The Ghostbusters Team from East Tennessee when they arrive rolling up in the Ecto-1! And stick around for some more spooky dance performances from Harlan County Dance Extreme.

And the dancing and fun continues at the Macabre Masquerade where you can be anything you want to be.  Go ahead, shake your bones.  Then round out the evening with a rocking concert from the Guns N Roses tribute band, Dirty Gunnz!


Unbelievable, but true!

Oh yes, and one more thing: beware any creatures of the night you might encounter -- like tarantulas, giant snakes…and wolfs.   We’re not kidding!  There will be a wolf!

A $10 admission gains all-day access to all the adventures starting at 10AM Saturday October 15th at the Harlan Center, 201 S Main St, Harlan, KY, until the witching hour of midnight!

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